Rodizio Grill

Close up on single serving of..

Rodizio Grill

Close up on single serving of rare cooked cote de boeuf and sliced steak next to knife with pan of roasted garlic over wooden table

Close up on single serving of rare cooked cote de boeuf and sliced steak next to knife with pan of roasted garlic over wooden table

There is so much to choose from at Rodizio Grill, a Brazilian restaurant with a wide selection of flavorful food. You can enjoy unlimited access to the gourmet salad bar, which has more than 30 items to choose from. You can also enjoy a large variety of rotisserie meats of all sorts; they are grilled and full of flavor. This Brazilian steakhouse has a huge selection, in addition to a hospitable and courteous staff and an overall authentic Brazilian experience while you are enjoying your meal.

As far as the rotisserie meats go, there are more than a dozen to choose from. They are seasoned and carved right next to your table while you watch by Rodizio Gauchos. The grilling process is typical of traditional cooking in southern Brazil, particularly Sao Paulo. However, the carving method and dressing of the meats is more typical of what you would experience in Porto Alegre, Brazil. As such, you have an authentic dining experience that allows you to experience different parts of Brazil simulataneously. The meats are full of flavor and will melt in your mouth, due to the slow roasting and seasoning that takes place before you eat them. Rodizio Grill offers grilled meats that are 100% gluten free as well. You can choose between several types each of churrasco beef, poultry, and pork, and there is also fish/seafood and lamb at certain locations of the restaurant.

The gourmet salad bar gives you options that you would probably not expect from a salad bar. There are many signature salads that you can try, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, many different cured meats and cheeses, and much more that you can combine to suit your own tastes and enjoy. A favorite among customers is the abacaxi, which is fresh glazed and grilled pineapple. You can either try the delicious gourmet salads or combine individual ingredients to create your own salad.

There are also side dishes that you can enjoy, namely the Bananas Fritas (cinnamon-glazed bananas), and Pao de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread that has been made using cheese and yucca flour). These can be the perfect supplement to a meal.

As much as you enjoy the meal and sides, make sure to save room for dessert as well. There are many to choose from, including the new torta brigadeiro, a delicious gluten-free chocolate mousse torte. There is also the pudim de leite, a Brazilian caramel flan that is creamy and delicious, as well as gluten-free. The creme brulee has a signature hint of orange, and the rabanada is a warm cinnamon pastry topped with caramel sauce and served with ice cream. There is also the new Romeu e Julieta style cheesecake, which you can enjoy either with raspberry sauce or Brazilian guava sauce.

The Rodizio Grill is a great option for anyone who is looking for fine dining and would like to experience authentic Brazilian cuisine. There are so many different options that people can choose from, and they are all delectable.

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