Brazilian Restaurant

  • Brazilian Restaurant

    Wanting something new for dinner? Want to spice up the usual chicken, beef, or steak? Try Chocolate Brown Brazilian Restaurant.  This Brazilian restaurant serves classic cuisine and rotisserie meats such as duck, chicken, turkey and prime rib.  Someone who is eating Brazilian food for the first time may find it difficult choosing a dish. Here […]

  • Brazilian restaurant- Rodizio

    Rodizio Grill, the renowned Brazilian Steakhouse, has a plethora of rotisserie grilled meats, well seasoned and carved on the tableside by Rodizio Gauchos. Our process of grilling is traditional to the Southern part of Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo. The Rodizio Gaucho, as far as culinary skills are concerned is akin to what is generally encountered while dining in […]

  • Brazilian restaurant

    Rodizio is a wonderful type of service in Brazilian restaurants, now popular all around the world, where waiters bring to your table all the food you can eat until you give them the signal to stop (usually a card that is red on one side and green on the other). Waiters bring a variety of […]