Brazilian restaurant

Rodizio is a wonderful type of service in Brazilian restaurants,..

Brazilian restaurant

Rodizio is a wonderful type of service in Brazilian restaurants, now popular all around the world, where waiters bring to your table all the food you can eat until you give them the signal to stop (usually a card that is red on one side and green on the other). Waiters bring a variety of succulent skewered meats and sometimes grilled fruits and vegetables for you to choose from many times throughout your meal and cut (if needed) and serve it directly onto your plate. This may be a unique experience to you if you have never eaten in a rodzio style restaurant before, but it can be a very relaxed and enjoyable time to share with friends or family. It is a fine dining experience at a fixed price that is usually quite reasonable for the quality and quantity of food that you will receive.

What kind of food can you expect to get at a Brazilian restaurant? Well, there is normally a salad bar, a multitude of desserts, and, of course, famously delicious rotisserie meats. The meat is typically cooked in a style known as churrasco, which simply means “barbeque,” and is cooked on a traditional grill called a churrasqueira with spits or skewers holding prime cuts of beef, pork, chicken, or sausages over glowing embers. Grilled pineapple or banana is often served as a palate cleanser between courses. Brazilian food is diverse in origin. It shares in common many European styles, and yet is distinctly different from other cuisines. Because of the wide range of foods available, it is generally not too difficult to find food to meet any dietary restrictions you may have, including vegetarian, but it’s always good to look at the menu online ahead of time (if available) or call ahead if you have food allergies or other specific needs. Rice, black beans, greens, and even chocolates are common fare. Pizza is also not unheard of in Brazilian cuisine. Local meats and vegetables are served where available. It is definitely worth trying. And remember it’s all-you-can-eat!

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