Brazilian restaurant- Rodizio

Rodizio Grill, the renowned Brazilian Steakhouse, has a plethora of..

Brazilian restaurant- Rodizio

Rodizio Grill, the renowned Brazilian Steakhouse, has a plethora of rotisserie grilled meats, well seasoned and carved on the tableside by Rodizio Gauchos. Our process of grilling is traditional to the Southern part of Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo. The Rodizio Gaucho, as far as culinary skills are concerned is akin to what is generally encountered while dining in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The slow roasting and gradual seasoning results in the rotisserie grilled meats to melt in the mouth, satisfying even the most of the discerning taste buds. Many choices of meat is there ranging medium rare to well done. The meat is sliced thinly for tenderness and taste. Rodizio Grill was established in 1995, and was the primary  Brazilian “churrasco” steakhouse in the United States. After two decades, the brand is renowned for its Brazilian free spiritedness, novel dishes, and an engaging homely atmosphere. The novel concept showcases rotisserie grilled meat, well seasoned and carved out by conventionally attired Gauchos. While the meats are the center piece, they are accompanied with a delectable salad bar, having signature salads, fresh seasonal produce, and novel hot side dishes. Rodizio Grill’s is well known for its fine selection of authentic, freshly squeezed juices, homemade  Limeades, novel cocktails and an exhaustive wine list enlisting a wide selection of Brazilian imported wine . Guests can enjoy a selection of unique, homemade desserts which will add to the novelty of the entire experience . Not only is novel food important, but the significance of family is deep rooted in Brazilian culture. 

An unlimited and palatable variety of rotisserie grilled meats, glazed fruit, a signature salad bar, novel Brazilian side dishes, and an experience like nowhere else. At Rodizio Grill, 100% gluten-free grilled food items is the specialty.

Over 30 hot and cold items including over 30 best selling salads made fresh from scratch daily . A variety of gourmet salads, fresh produce, variety of cheeses & processed meats and more. The desserts are homemade daily in every of our locations. These recipes are from Brazil, handed down from one generation to the next in the family of the founder, Ivan Utrera. 


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